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Hey guys, it's been awhile! How have you guys been?

As always, I've been busy with school and haven't had much free time, but I do have some new things I should probably upload lol. I've been really into crochet, and I've even made a couple patterns myself, I won't tell you what they are yet though, you'll have to wait for pictures. July and June were pretty hard months to get through as it was expected, I just had to keep myself busy. 

As to JAC challenges, I really want to be able to catch up or at least work on a couple of challenges that I wanted to take part in, but didn't have the time to. So, hopefully once I've got a good area and a camera that works good, I'll have those pictures posted. Maybe, possibly, some assignments from school that I haven't uploaded. Meh, I'll decide that later since its so late right now. (it's like one in the morning lol)


L to my fellow Jogees, I miss you guys and the stream tons!!!!!
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August 16, 2014


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